The Goodhues Band


From our mailbag:

“Two friends and I enjoyed your Sunday concert very much. . . Your good looking website and audio clips convinced me. So I convinced two friends that we might see some good singing and playing. . . Your group’s three part harmonies were celestial.”
“You guys were great . . . and the Goodhues sounded wonderful there [at J.Buck’s Espresso & Wine Bar, Amesbury, MA, December ’07].”

From persons who have booked and promoted Goodhues Band gigs:

“It was a great concert.”
The organizer/promoter of the ’07 summer concert series, Hamilton, MA, on The Goodhues Band performance
“We have had GREAT feedback on your concert! Everyone loved the entire performance. . . . You all truly put on a great performance and we’re hoping you’ll be willing to do another concert, maybe the same time next year? [N]ot only did we make money but we had a good time doing it!. . . I think your group will always bring in an audience!”
The organizer/promoter of The Goodhues Band benefit concert, First Parish Church, Newbury, MA, January ’08.

A review of the The Goodhues Band Root & Branch CD:

“If you are looking for some new music for the new year, try out The Goodhues Band’s new album [Root & Branch]. This is a professionally recorded album with great musicianship, vocals and arrangements. Kim Goodhue is the autoharp player. He is not a household name in the autoharp world, but that is simply because he has not been self-promoting. Those who know him know that he is a wonderful player with a great voice. What I really like about this album . . . is that it is not an autoharp album. It is an album of music, from old time to country to Celtic. The autoharp is one of the main instruments, but the focus is on the music and not specifically on one instrument. It shows how an autoharp can be incorporated into a band playing great stuff.”
Pete D’Aigle, A Different Drummer, Seattle – nationally-noted autoharp luthier and autoharp merchandiser.

If you'd like us to play at your venue, call Kim or Geoff Goodhue
at  978 887-8348 or e-mail: